Avengers: Infinity War – celebrating a ten year anniversary for Marvel

Avengers Infinity War

Ten years ago, Marvel premiered what would become one of the biggest, most ambitious, and lucrative movie franchises of all time—a cinematic universe that has spanned 18 movies and billions of dollars which began with Iron Man.

To make sense of the latest in this successful movie franchise it helps to have seen all that came before Avengers: Infinity War. With 18 movies in the Marvel back catalogue you may not have had time to watch them all ahead of this momentous cinematic occasion.

The Cineblog has put together this handy summary of where each of our main characters are at as we approach Avengers: Infinity War

Iron Man

Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr created his first suit of armour to escape imprisonment from terrorists, who he was kidnapped by while selling weapons to the military from his company, Stark Industries.

After escape, Tony got rid of his company’s weapons division entirely to focus on humanitarian efforts, and attracted controversy as well as admiration as Earth’s first openly visible superhero.

Defeating many different enemies gunning for his wealth and his life, Tony led the Avengers in protecting the Earth from Loki’s invasion in Avengers Assemble.

In the second Avengers movie, Tony and his science pal Bruce Banner (aka the Hulk) developed Ultron to help safeguard the world. This didn’t go as planned; Ultron went rogue and, before the Avengers could defeat him, was able to destroy the entire country of Sokovia… Read more


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