Hilarious Dogs and a 12-year-old Boy!

Isle of Dogs (1)

Isle of Dogs, the new animation comedy from Wes Anderson, known for The Fantastic Mr Fox movie, is about a group of hilarious dogs and a 12-year-old Japanese boy who is fed up with the status quo. The Little Pilot, as he’s called by the dogs on Trash Island, doesn’t stick to society’s rules. He misses his dog and he’s piloted his way to the island to retrieve Spots (Liev Schreiber), his prized bodyguard dog.

The comedy here isn’t in-your-face. The jokes take some thinking. They arrive at strange times, causing a hilarious mishmash of humour and sadness. Emotional moments will be punctuated by dogs sneezing, and it’s impossible not to laugh right after you were about to cry.

Set in a near-future Japan, Isle of Dogs proposes a population that’s afraid of dogs because of the diseases running rampant through canine populations. Because of the hysteria over the dog flu jumping to humans, all dogs are banished to a nearby trash island to fend for themselves.

The stunning visuals can make you forget you’re watching an overtly political movie… Read more from HJ News


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