Coco wins 2018 Golden Globe for Best Animated Motion Picture

COCO (2)

Congratulations to the team… Coco took six years to produce, the first Pixar film to be centered on a Mexican cultural celebration it was a major win for the Latinx community. This movie is MAGIC – When aspiring musician Miguel (voice of Anthony Gonzalez) finds himself in the Land of the Dead, all he needs to return to the Land of the Living is a blessing from a family member, a magical marigold petal and a promise he’s not sure he can make.

Miguel Rivera, the latest generation in a long line of shoemakers in Santa Cecilia, Mexico is different from the rest of his family, he yearns for a more artistic outlet. He loves to play music and has a clear talent for it as well unfortunately he has to keep it a secret from his family because his great great grandmother was betrayed by her husband who left her and their child Coco to become a musician. This lead to music being banned and the whole family becoming shoemakers and by-product of this is Miguel feeling somewhat of an outcast in his own family… read more in this review from Scannain


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