The Disaster Artist: A movie about a Movie

The Disaster Artist (1)

James Franco did more than throw in a couple of famous scenes when he had this biopic comedy drama about the movie The Room, he took it to a whole new level by recreating 25 minutes worth of scenes, including a lot of them in The Disaster Artist.

The movie tells the story of Greg Sestero, (Dave Franco) an aspiring film actor, who meets the weird and mysterious Tommy Wiseau, (James Franco) in an acting class. When Wiseau decides on a whim to write and direct his own film which he and Sestero will star in they form a unique friendship and travel to Hollywood to make their dreams come true.

Let’s get the main points out of the way before we go any further with this. No, you don’t explicitly need to have seen The Room in order to enjoy The Disaster Artist, but it certainly adds to the overall flavour of it. Yes, Dave Franco’s beard looks ridiculous and so does James Franco’s accent and facial ticks. Yes, there are some cameos by some famous people, including Judd Apatow, Sharon Stone, and a few others. No, it doesn’t explain any of the urban myths around The Room. If anything, The Disaster Artist uses these urban myths and the troubled production to examine something else entirely – specifically, creative freedom and the nature of what you are perceived versus who you are… Read more from


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