Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express (1)

With plenty of star quality on board the remake of Murder on the Orient Express, Judi Dench was the actress they were most in awe of…  Michelle Pfeiffer (who plays Mrs. Hubbard in the film) admitted she felt emotional when she first saw the British actress, who portrays Princess Dragomiroff. “I wept when I met Judi Dench” she said at the film’s premiere at the Royal Albert Hall in London. “The first day of filming was a little intimidating.”

In this retelling of Agatha Christie’s classic murder-mystery, a shady businessman (Johnny Depp) is stabbed to death aboard an opulent train service, and everyone among the eclectic array of first-class passengers is a suspect. It is up to the meticulous mind of Belgian detective Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh) to solve the riddle.

When Agatha Christie watched Sidney Lumet’s celebrated 1974 adaptation of Murder On The Orient Express she said that while she liked it, she felt that Hercule Poirot’s moustaches were not quite luxuriant enough. If she’d lived to see Ken Branagh’s adaptation she would have been delighted with the bristles; Poirot’s ’tache lies atop his lip like a silvery feathered boa… Read more from Empire Movies


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