The Ritual: One of the most terrifying movies of the year

The Ritual (1)

October is always the prime time for new horror movies… just in time for Halloween. So can The Ritual, a British film about a bunch of men in the Swedish Woods, stand up against the American big boys?

The Ritual has a lot going for it in its opening scene. Luke, played by Rafe Spall, and old University buddies discuss an upcoming lads holiday with ideas from Ibiza to hiking in Sweden thrown around. As Luke and Rob (Paul Reid) enter an off-license, they unwittingly disturb a robbery. Luke hides, but Rob finds himself in an altercation which results in him being brutally killed.

This whole opening sequence defines the film in many ways. It’s the cowardice of Luke that defines his arc, but one where we totally understand his actions. The sudden violence is shocking, and also contrasts nicely with the later serene Nordic landscapes. This isn’t about the violence of man or the savageness of nature, but a depressing reminder that anywhere can be horrific in the wrong circumstances… Read more from The Hollywood News