Are you ready for IT? The most terrifying horror movie this year

It (2)

Are you ready to watch IT? It’s pretty scary, even Stephen King wasn’t prepared for how good IT is!  Of course it will be no suprise that a movie about a killer clown is going to be rather dark and scary – when you combine this with the legendary horror writer Stephen King then you know something disturbing and terrifying is going to happen.

In fact British actor 24 year old Will Poulter, currently starring with Star Wars leading man John Boyega in Detroit, a particularly dark and, yes, disturbing look at race relations in inner city America. It sounds like he can handle anything and yet originally cast as Pennywise Poulter pulled out of the movie because it was too much for him.

In the most disturbing scene in the latest trailer for IT, a bathroom erupts in huge spurts of blood, gushing upwards to soak the ceiling and walls, as well as the terrified figure kneeling in terror… That might be just too much for most people!

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