Atomic Blonde – another kick-ass role for women


Atomic Blonde, directed by David Leitch, Brad Pitt’s long-time stunt double, features some of this year’s most entertaining action scenes. While there have been kick-as heroines in movies in the past, like, Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, Sigourney Weaver in Alien, and more recently Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman, there is still a push for change in the industry for women to have more centre-of-the-action roles.

If Atomic Blonde is a success at the box office, it will go a long way toward swaying industry opinion. Word-of-mouth for the film has been strong. It has an 80 out of 100 Fandango Fanticipation rating, which measures excitement for films by analyzing advance ticket sales, web traffic and social media buzz.

A lot of the conversation surrounding Atomic Blonde has focused on Theron doing her own stunts.

The film, which cost an economical $30 million to produce, is expected to pull in $21.0 million in its opening weekend at the box office.

“We don’t need to lose a child, or lose a husband, or to have some sort of revenge story to become a warrior. I think that’s so not today,” Theron said during Entertainment Weekly’s Women Who Kick Ass panel at San Diego Comic Con. “When a story doesn’t quite work I find that the female characters in the movie will always be the ones that are used to then emotionally manipulate in a way that men don’t get used… Read more


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