Dunkirk –is it the biggest blockbuster movie of 2017?

Dunkirk (1)

The war epic, Dunkirk has movie buffs on the edge of their seat in anticipation of the first screenings. The film shows the extraordinary, harrowing Operation Dynamo, which saw the Allied troops escape from the iron clasp of the Nazis as May crossed over to June, 1940. The situation had looked hopeless, dubbed by Churchill as ‘a colossal military disaster’, but extraordinary spirit, grit and the luck of German mistakes meant a staggering 338,226 troops were rescued from the beaches as they held off attacks from several German divisions. A fleet of 800 boats helped, not merely of warships but of anything that could make it across the Channel and back, including Tamzine, a fishing boat just 14ft long.

Dunkirk has a blockbuster cast with Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and the acting debut of ex-One Direction star, Harry Styles. While director Christopher Nolan wasn’t aware of Style’s popularity, we’re sure that One Direction fans will be along to cinemas in droves to see him in action.

Read more about the caste and first reactions after the premiere screenings…


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