Don’t Awaken the King – Kong: Skull Island


It’s 1971, a team of explorers with a company of soldiers are following myth, legend in the Pacific amidst rumours of an island where creatures both prehistoric and monstrous are supposed to live. Soon they come to Skull Island, the creatures they come across has them all running for their very lives. Soon Kong shows up to let all know that He is King of Skull Island and top of the food chain. Will they survive to tell their story?

At the Kong: Skull Island Premiere in London recently, Tom Hiddleston said it was a privilege to film in an area completely untouched and unspoilt.

Hiddleston plays Captain James Conrad, an SAS tracker hired to go to a deserted island on a mission to find a giant ape. He admitted that the 10 days filming in a swamp, getting cold and wet day after day was tough and physically challenging. Despite this he found making the movie a fun filled adventure… read more


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