Logan – the iconic Wolverine tale you’ve been waiting for


It takes a certain type of superhero movie to be a contender for Best Picture; Logan is the first since The Dark Knight to be in with a chance. Early reviews from across the film industry are very, very good for this the final performance by Hugh Jackman as Logan.

THR’s Sheri Linden called Logan “an affectingly stripped-down standalone feature, one that draws its strength from Hugh Jackman’s nuanced turn as a reluctant, all but dissipated hero,” while Entertainment Weekly’s Chris Nashawaty called it “both the most violent film in the series and the most sentimental one. When it’s not showering you in blood, it’s trying to make you spill tears.”

There’s been a great deal of mystery about the exact nature of the Logan story, how it all plays out for the beloved mutant character, and what it means for the future of the X-Men. Fans of Wolverine have long awaited a screen version capable of being unleashed in his full bloody fury, and they certainly get their wish with Logan — it is graphically violent, more so than any superhero film we’ve seen to date and on par with some horror movies… Read more of this Forbes review by Mark Hughes


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