And the Winner Is…


The 2017 Oscars ceremony is only days away – excitement is building. As we look forward to seeing our favourite actors and actresses walk the red carpet, let’s look at some of the nominees and predictions…

While La La Land has been nominated for as many as 14 Academy Awards, their success still remains to be seen. Mike Scott, predicts La La Land to win best picture and take home another eight trophies! “At least, that’s according to my annual Academy Award predictions in all 24 categories, based on hours of viewing, months of monitoring of pre-Oscar buzz, endless popcorn munching and a bit of guidance from my trusty Magic 8-ball”, says Scott.

Check out Mike Scott’s predictions when you’re watching the 89th Academy Awards this Sunday…


The nominees: “Arrival,” “Fences,” “Hacksaw Ridge,” “Hell or High Water,” “Hidden Figures,” “La La Land,” “Lion,” “Manchester by the Sea,” “Moonlight”

What will win:La La Land.” Damien Chazelle’s musical drama has been slowly building momentum all award season, and it doesn’t appear to be losing steam any time soon.

What should win: “La La Land.” Chazelle, who first caught the Academy’s attention two years ago with his “Whiplash,” pulls off something extraordinary here, with a film that feels light and breezy but without feeling empty.

Ask the 8-ball: What about “Hidden Figures”? It’s not only won over critics, but earlier this month it became the highest-grossing of all of this year’s best picture nominees. Can it pull of the upset? Answer: “Outlook not so good.”

Read more predictions in this article and enjoy the Oscars!


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