Body-Splattering Business as Usual in the Underworld


Fashionista Vampire, Kate Beckinsale leads a war against the Lycans in Underworld Blood Wars, the fifth instalment of the ‘Underworld’ series.

For half an hour or so, “Blood Wars” makes a token stab at actual theatrical drama in order to set up the ballistic body-splattering that is its real reason for being. At the Council of the Eastern Coven, the last stronghold of Vampire power in the war with the shape-shifting Lycans, who look like Ray Harryhausen creatures (and are now on the verge of winning the war), Dance’s Thomas shows up to help his fellow bloodsuckers mount a campaign to save their species. He knows there’s only one hope: They must summon Selene, Kate Beckinsale, the pure-blood heroine with the silver-grey alien eyes and the wet-look ’90s salon hair, to lead the rebellion… Read more from Variety Magazine


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