Can Assassin’s Creed break the curse of the Video Game Adaptation?


Spun off from Ubisoft’s huge-selling game series, starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, Assassin’s Creed tells a complex story in an action-packed film that between the near future and medieval Spain. In his valiant campaign, Australian director Justin Kurzel deployed a revolutionary strategy to attempt to break the curse: don’t make it look like a video game.

“We went very old school with it,” he explains. “We shot in real locations [Malta and southern Spain], we got the best parkour guys, slackliners, martial arts guys in the world to actually do all of it for real. We wanted to get exhausted and dirty with it.” Rather than 21st-century gameplay, the action feels like a classic swashbuckler, with a touch of Mad Max. There are sword fights, fist fights, horseback chases, rooftop chases, even the game’s signature move: the “leap of faith” – a 125ft-high dive off a building, with no ropes or cables. “The stunt guys hadn’t been in a film for so long where they were allowed to do stunts,” says Kurzel. These days, they’re usually in air-conditioned studios in front of a green screen… Read More


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