Beauty and the Beast: An age old fairy tale that still enchants us all


While the Disney live-action movie Beauty and the Beast is as sugary sweet as the 1991 animated version, producers have been mindful to bring Belle, the heroin bang up to 2016.

“In the 1991 film, Belle was a real breakthrough among Disney heroines,” director Bill Condon told ‘People’ magazine. “But obviously a lot has happened in 25 years. We wanted to make sure that she remained a feminist figure and someone who looks to the future. She was this feisty young woman who spoke her mind and had all these ambitions, and was incredibly independent.”

Emma Watson is the perfect role model to take on the role of Belle, arguably Disney’s first feminist in a sea of ball-gowns and wispy princesses. Watson is quoted as saying “She had this relationship with Beast where they were just toe-to-toe. That to me just seemed like such a dynamic and interesting relationship that I’d never seen before in a fairytale.”… Read more


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