The Infiltrator – hard to believe it is based on true facts!


Bryan Cranston doesn’t make a false movie in the real-life crime drama, The Infiltrator. When you’re never quite sure you can believe the story is based on facts… Cranston convinces you. He plays Robert Mazur, a Florida-based federal agent who went undercover as a money-launderer in the mid-1980s to help take down Pablo Escobar’s Colombian drug cartel and the banks that funded it.

After Cranston’s huge success in the series Breaking Bad, how do you top what he accomplished playing a gentle-souled family-man chemistry teacher who turns himself into a violent drug badass? The Infiltrator, a sensationally intelligent and exciting true-life thriller directed by Brad Furman (“The Lincoln Lawyer”), offers the answer: Have him play a gentle-souled family-man law enforcer who goes undercover as a money launderer to Pablo Escobar.

Robert Mazur, the man Cranston plays in “The Infiltrator,” actually did that. In 1986, he realized that the war on drugs was going after the wrong target — the drugs themselves, massive shipments of cocaine that even if seized could be replaced within days. Mazur figured out that the infinitely smarter thing to do would be to follow the money, which could lead directly to the kingpins who controlled everything. And so he came up with a sting operation that was built around creating a flamboyant alter ego for himself: Bob Musella, a jaunty, high-rolling businessman who launders mountains of drug-cartel cash — tens upon hundreds of millions — by promising to hide them in a network of legitimate investments. He doesn’t just work with thugs and drug lords; he deals with respectable international bankers, setting up a vast network of corruption that is winked at by governments. It’s like an underworld rehearsal for the new global money culture… Read more from Variety magazine


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