Do you have the Nerve to watch as characters play the chilling online game?

Nerve (2)

Despite mixed review you could find this new teen movie Nerve to be an enthralling thriller, even if it does go off the rails a little. The language and visuals of social media, with the watcher counter in the corner of the screen, adds the horror element as you see it perilously creeping up throughout the movie.

Starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco, Nerve centers on Vee, played by Emma Roberts, a high school student who’s treated shoddily by her best friend Sydney (Emily Meade), and thus, in a quick moment, signs up to play Nerve. Nerve, we learn, is a social media-driven game of truth or dare, where you can either play or watch. Watching costs you 20 bucks a month, playing can earn you fame and big cash prizes. But, inevitably, the dares you have to undertake – chosen by the watchers, who search out everything they can find about you online – get gradually more and more dramatic.

Roberts thus discovers her path crossing with another player, Dave Franco’s Ian, and the pair find themselves having a quick game of tongue tennis, running around in their grundies, and riding a motorbike without the benefit of eyes. All the while, their antics are being filmed and watched, and are egged on by a social community that comes up with darier dares, and isn’t afraid to leave its comments… Read more of this Den of Geek review


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