Super-Spy Jason Bourne is back!

JAson Bourne (2)

After a nine-year break during which Matt Damon was continually approached by fans and people on the street asking for another Bourne movie, Jason Bourne is back unravelling conspiracies.

Directed by Paul Greengrass, was quite clear back in 2007 that the Jason Bourne story was finished, he never expected to make another Bourne movie.

Social media had barely begun when “The Bourne Ultimatum” was released: Facebook was three years old, Twitter just one. Now, it’s a dominant feature of our lives, and Mr. Greengrass wanted to incorporate the privacy-versus-national-security debate the rise of these companies has exacerbated.

“The classic Bourne universe is one where you look at the C.I.A. with great skepticism,” Mr. Greengrass said. “But I wanted to cast that skeptical eye, Bourne’s skeptical eye, a bit broader. Because the truth is there are other barons in the world now.” Read more of this New York Times article


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