Tarzan is still saving Jane!


Since the very first Tarzan movie almost 100 years ago, the silent movie Tarzan of the Apes, our jungle hero has been swinging form the trees and saving the beautiful Jane.

We have more of the same in the new movie The Legend of Tarzan, the first big-budget live action Tarzan movie in some years. As one of the screen’s oldest icons, can this new movie from  Warner Bros strike a balance between lovers of vintage cinema who grew up on Tarzan and the new “iPhone generation”?

With a blend of vintage cinema from a bygone era and modern cinema’s computer generated images, Stellan Skarsgard plays a well-cast Tarzan, and not just for his impressive physique! Margot Robbie is a knockout as Jane. However, it feels as though the production team felt a bit guilty about making her a damsel in distress for most of the film and it shows in some of her scenes in captivity. That being said, Jane’s kidnapping was a necessary plot-device for this film’s story, not to mention something of a Tarzan tradition, but perhaps in the future she can get a better subplot…Read more


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