Independence Day: Resurgence – What? No Will Smith!

Independece Day

Will the fact that Will Smith chose not to come back as fighter pilot Steven Hiller, to fight the Aliens for a second time have a negative impact on the success of Independence Day: Resurgence?

While it can’t be denied that Will Smith’s presence would have helped, his absence isn’t seen as a major setback either. These days a good story line and quality acting is as, if not more important that the stars themselves. The right marketing strategy will still the interest in the movie leading up to its release date will get the people to the cinema, rather than the cast.

So why didn’t original Independence Day star Will Smith return to the franchise that helped launch his big-screen career, now that Roland Emmerich has gathered the gang once again, 20 years later, for Independence Day: Resurgence?

The answer is complicated… Read more from Cinema Blend


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