The Conjuring 2 – creepier than creepy


The Conjuring 2 from the talented James Wan is set to give you more chills and sleepless nights that the first movie, when paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) take on the Enfield haunting in London in the 1970s.

‘Even filming The Conjuring 2 was terrifying’ says Irish actor Simon Delaney. ‘There are tricks in how they shoot it and all that but you’re still in a room with five kids screaming at the top of their voices. That’ll chill anybody’s blood.’ The 45 year old actor says that it’s all part of building the experience to make it feel real.

The Irish Examiner review says… There’s something pretty unique about these films – they’re suffused with a sense of the more languid pacing and constant unease of 70s horror, helped by the period setting. But Wan also brings in canny camera moves, mesmerising visual flourishes and more than a little of the modern jump scare film language.

The result is a film that manages to be both slow paced and frenetic, unafraid to spend time on gentler scenes but willing to go full bore on the chills when it needs to. And that gives it immense crossover appeal, a gateway horror which ebbs and flows and makes for solid date night fodder…. read more


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