Shane Black – the master behind a shaggy dog comedy thriller, The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys (2)

After selling the Lethal Weapon screenplay for a mere $250k dollars in 1987 at just 23, then The Long Kiss Goodnight in 1995 for $4 million in 1995, Shane Black disappeared from the Hollywood scene… The rumour was writers block – the truth, a little more complicated mix of drink and failed projects.

Now, The Nice Guys sees Black in more familiar territory… A buddy detective comedy set in LA in 1977, the film brings together Holland March (Ryan Gosling), a drunken, widowed PI, and knuckleduster- for-hire Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) for a case concerning a missing porn star that turns out to be a case about something else entirely.

The pair are assisted by Holly, Holland’s young daughter, the latest in a long line of plucky pre- teens to feature in Black offerings (see also Iron Man 3, Last Action Hero, The Last Boy Scout).

“She’s the soul of the movie,” says Black. “She’s also the conscience and far smarter than any of the adults.”

Did he know beforehand that Gosling and Crowe would make for such great verbal sparring? … Read More


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