Jodie Foster promoting Money Monster


Jodie Foster was in Cannes recently to promote Money Monster.

Foster, although a world-famous actress loves the art of film making. “I will always have some kind of humour in my films. I think that’s why I’m pretty well adjusted because I can look at my failures and at all the drama and laugh at it. Home for the Holidays takes some of the most painful parts of my life that I thought were true and turns them around so you can laugh at them.”

Money Monster is a hostage thriller she describes as a popcorn movie, the kind of movie she wanted to try once and not necessarily repeat. A lover of garrulous actors like Downey and her friend Mel Gibson, she revelled in the chance to work with George Clooney, perhaps the most garrulous actor of them all.

He plays the brash host of a financial TV show taken hostage on air by an irate viewer (Jack O’Connell) who has lost all his family’s money after taking his bad advice. Julia Roberts plays Clooney’s producer, while Irish actress and model Caitriona Balfe (Outlander) has a supporting role as a woman working for the financial company headed by Dominic West who is indeed corrupt… Read More of the Irish Examiner piece on Money Monster


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