Will the 9th chapter in X-Men movies, X-Men: Apocalypse live up to expectations?


Few movie franchises boast eight big-budget summer releases that have kept the series on track for sixteen years, the X-Men are among the most lucrative franchises in history.

Fox’s series has period-piece movies set during historical events, a grounded world around the heroes to provide a sense of realism as a backdrop for the fantastical elements, different tonal approaches for films like The Last Stand and Deadpool, proving there’s room to experiment and apply different superhero movie styles to this X-Men world, attention to character and relationships over plotting and action, and recurring social commentary making the films feel more relevant. This, then, is a large superhero world full of many different characters who frequently team up, laying a lot of the early groundwork for the eventual rise of Marvel’s shared cinematic universe at Marvel Studios, while also giving audiences a “realistic, grittier” version of comic superheroes in a way that predated the Dark Knight trilogy… Read more of this forbes.com article, watch out for a few minor spoilers!


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