Captain America: Civil War… 10 Possible Endings!

Captain America Civil War (2)

You wouldn’t normally see a happy ending in a war movie, it seems that Captain America: Civil War will be no exception. As if the title of this the 3rd Captain America movie wasn’t ominous enough, director Joe Russo went so far as to say that the dramatic ending would be “controversial for a lot of people.”

Described as an emotional horror movie and a psychological thriller, it certainly doesn’t sound like Civil War is going to boast one of Marvel’s trademark upbeat finishes. The potential fallout could be enormous with persistent reports of numerous character deaths and the very distinct probability that we’re going to see a Marvel movie that consciously polarizes viewers.

On a broader scale than a few deaths, the very nature of Marvel’s shared universe means that the ending for Civil War will be less of a conclusion to the story, and more of a set-up for what’s to come. With so many characters and plot threads involved, there’s the possibility of change for each one. And within those developments, there’s potential that any notable change could be met with some unhappy reaction… READ MORE



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