Creed: More than just a Rocky reboot!


If you’ve been a fan of Sylvester Stallone and the Rocky movies over the years, you will not be disappointed with Creed, the newest addition to this epic boxing story.

Director Ryan Coogler, gives us so much more than a Rocky reboot. He keeps everything moving in such a graceful way; building upon the original Rocky formula of go-for-broke romance and bloody thrills, mixing the old with the new effortlessly.

This Time article about Creed sums it up perfectly…
Directed by Ryan Coogler—whose deft 2013 debut, Fruitvale Station, chronicled the last day of Oscar Grant III before he was fatally shot by a BART police officer in Oakland—Creed introduces us to the illegitimate son of heavyweight champ Apollo Creed, who first bounded into the ring in the 1976 underdog hit Rocky. In a movie landscape littered with resuscitated franchises, this runs the risk of being just more of the same. Like Rocky, a smash that spawned 1,000 sequels (or so it seems), Creed mingles go-for-broke romance with bloody pugilist thrills—but instead of feeling like a rehash, it works like gangbusters. Coogler honors and builds upon the Rocky formula so that it feels both comfortingly old-fashioned and bracingly new. Audiences instantly adored Rocky, for good reason—it’s a great date movie, and Creed is too. You won’t have to be a lover-not-a-fighter to love it… READ MORE


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