A stylish Jennifer Lawrence wipes the floor with the magic mop movie!

Joy (1)

The new David Russell movie Joy, tells the story of a single mother, Joy Mangano, who got rich in the 1990’s selling her revolutionary self-wringing mop on the QVC home shopping channel.

In this ‘Time’ article the real Joy Mangano was asked if she was worried by Russell’s movie idea. She shakes her head ‘“Not a doubt in my mind that he would just do everything right, and he did.”

But “everything,” in the case of this movie, extends beyond the life of Mangano herself. Joy tells the story of a divorced Long Island mother, played by Jennifer Lawrence, who invents a detachable, self-wringing mop and overcomes significant obstacles to develop a wildly successful enterprise, first with QVC and later with the Home Shopping Network.

And although that premise aligns closely with Mangano’s life, Lawrence recently told TIME that the movie is only 50% inspired by Mangano. The other half, Lawrence says, comes from “David’s imagination and different daring women that have inspired him.” … Read More


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