Feeling Good with The Good Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur (2)

The magic of The Good Dinosaur, from Pixar, comes not from the story being offered but the manner in which it is being told. The Good Dinosaur is an unassuming bit of old-school buddy comedy road trip goodness; the perfect movie for a family fun night with the kids this Christmas holiday season.

Part animal adventure, in the fine old Disney tradition of Dumbo and The Lion King, and part frontier survival story The Good Dinosaur will make you wince at the fragility of life while simultaneously welling up at the wonder of it.

It opens on a family of apatosaurs living on a homestead in the shadow of the Claw Tooth Mountains – a jagged ridge which has more than a little in common with the Grand Tetons that were a constant, looming presence on the horizon in Shane. Momma and Poppa apatosaurs, voiced by Frances McDormand and Jeffrey Wright, are teaching all three of their offspring how to work the land, but young Arlo (Raymond Ochoa) is too timid to feed their chickens, let alone dispatch the “wilderness critters” – or humans, to you and me – that raid their corn store in the night… READ MORE


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