Daddy’s Home!

Daddys Home (1)

Will Ferrell, a regular visitor to Ireland, was in Dublin last week with co-star Mark Wahlberg, promoting the new comedy Daddy’s Home, showing Sunday 27th December.

We can’t help remembering the video of Will nailing a cheerleader in the face with a basketball during a Los Angeles Lakers and New Orleans Pelicans game. Even though it wasn’t real at all, but part of the filming for a movie, the clip got everyone’s attention going viral across the internet!

Will Ferrell recalls the movie scene in this article by Kendall Fisher of

“That was a blast,” the 48-year-old actor tells Collider. “I don’t know if [Mark Wahlberg’s] ever done anything [like that]…We had six minutes there [at the Lakers game] at half time to do this thing and prior to that, the front part of the scene where the kids are getting to meet Kobe [Bryant], so that energy and that momentum of having to do that that night was spectacular.” READ MORE


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