Black Mass: Keep Your Enemies Close


Black Mass is a big, brash and horribly watchable gangster movie.

If you can’t imagine Johnny Depp as anyone other than the lovable rogue, Jack Sparrow, Black Mass may not be the movie for you! Based on the true story of James ‘Whitey’ Bulger, one of the most notorious gangsters in US history, Johnny Depp is quite terrifying with his shaven bald head, weird blue eyes and groany deep voice.

A recent review from The Guardian tells us… Johnny Depp’s south Boston wiseguy James “Whitey” Bulger, with his shaven bald head ead and weird blue eyes is a fully accredited sociopath with a groany deep voice like Ray Liotta in GoodFellas. He even has a “Funny, how?” moment like Joe Pesci from the same film: kidding around and persuading his corrupt FBI associate over dinner into divulging the secret family recipe for his steak dish – then turning very nasty about how easily his dining companion can be induced to spill the beans, and then uproariously pretending to have been kidding once everyone around the table has turned white with shock… READ MORE


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