Bad Education – from TV Screen to Movie Screen!


Jack Whitehall has been working hard promoting The Bad Education Movie, which takes the popular British sit-com to the big screen, seeing Mr Wickers and his class go on one final school trip after they finish their GCSEs.

He had a positive few days here in Ireland including Saturday Night with Miriam, followed by a ton of promotions in the UK with appearances on the One Show, Talk Sport, Radio 1 with Greg James and Radio 2 on Chris Evans show, and BBC Breakfast for a GCSE results day and much more.
In an interview with Digital Spy Jack Whitehall, writer of The Bad Education Movie, told us that Bad Education will most likely come to an end with the big screen upgrade.

“This is our characters going out on a bang, and if this is where it ends, then I think it’s a really good place to leave them,” he said.

The Bad Education Movie transports Whitehall’s inept teacher Alfie Wickers and his classmates to a crazy trip to Cornwall. What can go wrong?



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