Vacation – More of a Carnival Cruise than a Monte Carlo Getaway… but still it’s a vacation

Vacation (1)

Sometimes it’s the dumbest jokes that make you laugh hardest and the latest Vacation movie is full of them!

This summer’s hilarious comedy, the latest in the Vacation series of movies, stars Ed Helmes as Rusty Griswold, who decides to take his family on a road trip to ‘Walley World’, hoping to spice things up with his wife and reconnect with his sons.

‘Vacation is lazy, idiotic, and gross — and I laughed my ass off at it.’  writes Bilge Ebiri of Vulture. ‘A totally unnecessary sequel to a long-dormant, totally unnecessary series, this latest entry in the Griswold Saga — which kicked off back in 1983 with National Lampoon’s Vacation, starring Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo — doesn’t even try to distinguish itself. It starts off with a version of the series’ signature tune, Lindsey Buckingham’s “Holiday Road” (have any horror films featured a serial killer who plays this song over and over again?), and demonstrates all the previous films’ (in)attention to production values, craft, storytelling, and visual elegance…. READ MORE


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