Access All Areas: Jurassic World

Jurassic World (3)Jurassic World (2)

The story behind the summer’s most monstrous movie, by the people who made it!

The dinosaurs of Jurassic World are on a global rampage as the opening weekend box office figures reach phenomenal records. Full of drama, terror and all the heart-stopping action we love about the Jurassic Movies, Jurassic World brings a new monster Dinosaur into the fold – I-Rex

Jurassic World’s menagerie consists of a mixture of old and new scaly faces. Fan favourites like the velociraptors, the gallimimus and the T-Rex are back, while new and deadly additions to Jurassic World include flying dimorphodons, a water-leviathan called the mosasaurus, and the Indominus Rex, a designer dinosaur brewed up using DNA from cuttlefish, tree frog, T-Rex and a few classified beasts… READ MORE


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