Stool-softening pills, wipes for piles and fungal infection spray – SPY gadgets in disguise!


The new SPY movie stars Melissa McCarthy, as Susan Cooper, middle-aged and frumpy CIA operative, who demands to go out into the field to avenge the death of ‘Bond’ style agent Bradley Fine (Jude Law).
SPY will tickle your funny-bone, rebuking the late Christopher Hitchens notorious claim that women aren’t funny…

Celebrated for Bridesmaids and with his all-female Ghostbusters in production, Paul Feig’s directorial career seems like a constant rebuke to the late Christopher Hitchens’ notorious claim that women aren’t funny. His forthcoming film Spy, which was screened at SXSW on Sunday night in advance of its release in May, was an even more convincing argument, making the audience howl so loudly that it was hard to hear some of the lines.

(Biggest laugh? Perhaps the extreme gross-out of star Melissa McCarthy sending a henchman backwards off a balcony and impaling him on a railing below, then vomiting in horror over his corpse. OK, no one said this film would be subtle.) READ MORE


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