Mad Max: Fury Road – Post-Apocalyptic Drummer Boy

Mad Max - Guitar

If you haven’t been along to see Mad Max: Fury Road yet – then you really should. Reviews are describing it as ‘absolutely insane action movie’, ‘dark yet visually exhilarating’, ‘a masterpiece’.
Playing a part of all the fury and action is the post-apocalyptic drummer boy, Coma-Doof Warrior, wielding his flame-throwing electric guitar, riling up the troops as he roars through the desert on the Doof Wagon, dangling in front of his mobile wall of speakers.
iOTA, a man destined to become a favourite with all Mad Max fans explains his role to Yahoo Movies…He went in costume as a Mad Max 2 character, wearing tethers and leather, black eye makeup, and dirt applied to his teeth. “I just wanted it so bad, so I was going to go all the way,” iOTA recounts. “I got in the cab and the guy gave me a funny look.” But it was worth it. He got the gig READ MORE


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