We are having a Pyjamas Party Sunday 22nd of Dec @5.30pm for the  new Disney movie FROZEN. Its Festive Fun in your Jammies! repeat  Its Festive Fun in your Jammies!  At Movie Junction Drive-in.

San Antonio.- Disney’s latest animated film, “Frozen,” is the legendary studio’s best animated film since the days of “Lion King” and “Aladdin.”  Frozen” proves that Disney is getting back to their roots, where the magic lived.


Check out our website/Newsletter and Facebook page to see upcoming details on this event


extra wintry fun to Complement Sunday evening showing of  Frozen. Teddy bears and children  

will all be greeted with a treat and their parents too! More next week on this.



    • Hi Sarah ,

      Sorry for the delay in reply. We are new to blogging and did not realize that we would receive comments via WordPress. I realize this is a bit late but we will be showing FROZEN Saturday 01/02/2014 at 6:00PM if you have not seen it. Any upcoming movie can be booked online on All you have to do is click on Book Now on the left of the homepage. If it suits we do have the new LEGO MOVIE for advance screening on the 08/02/2014 and 09/02/2014. This is looking to be a very popular movie and can be booked online from the end of the week.If you would like to see upcoming movies or book an movie in advance you can go to the website . Should you have an queries or require more information you can contact us at anytime at the following email address .

      Kind Regards,
      William Jevens

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