R.I.P.D Success or Fail ?

R.I.P.D is the newly Hollywood released comedy that took cinemas by surprise this weekend. Dead or alive, a cop on duty never stops to look for the person that committed the crime. Want to know more, well, dont wait any longer, come on down to Movie Junction Drive-in Cinema located in Carrigtwohill in Fota Retail Park just off the N25 (exit3) for a night out with your best friend(s) that you will never forget. Fun, unique different, enter the world of movie wonder at the Drive-in and laugh as loud as you can in the privacy of your own car. R.I.P.D is a new style, quite a different movie exploring a new theme. R.I.P.D.

Good Autumn entertainment
18 August 2013 | by Ulqiorra (United States)

“When I first saw the trailer for R.I.P.D. there were 2 things that made me wanna see it. 1. I love Ryan Reynolds Jeff Bridges and Kevin Bacon. 2. It just looked really entertaining. it’s a lot like Men in Black. It is a fun movie with interesting and likable characters. A cool idea that is fairly well written and just an overall fun movie to watch.

Thats really all I have to say about R.I.P.D. I don’t really understand all of the hate thats it has gotten it really does not deserve all of that. Have people forgotten how to just have fun sometimes? I give R.I.P.D. a 7.5/10”

Time to decide for yourself…. but will make it a good night out.


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