Sausage Party… the animation movie that’s definitely not for kids!

Sausage Party (1)

Just because Sausage Party is an animated film does not mean it is for children. Not in the slightest. Yet, despite an R-Rating and constant warnings in advertising, some people still don’t seem to have the message. For parents still unsure there’s an advisory website, Kids In Mind, that has rated Sausage Party’s sex and nudity (9), violence and gore (6), and profanity (10).

That said Sausage Party exceeded expectations during its first weekend in the US, rising to speculation that there will be a sequel. Creator Seth Rogen has idea of a live-action/animated movie, like a Who Framed Roger Rabbit? In an interview with Empire, he discussed the idea of a future project, detailing how the film’s ending will likely influence the sequel… Read more

Advice from Leonardo Di Caprio for War Dogs star Jonah Hill

War Dogs

Jonah Hill, who plays international arms dealer Efraim Diveroli, in the new movie War Dogs got some sound advice from Leonardo DiCaprio before he started filming. He said when a movie is based on real events always try to meet the person.

War Dogs is based on the true story of two young men, David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli, who won a $300 million contract from the Pentagon to arm America’s allies in Afghanistan.

Unfortunately  Hill wasn’t able to heed DiCaprio’s advice in the case of “War Dogs,” as Diveroli was serving a prison sentence at the time of filming and wanted nothing to do with the movie. It wasn’t the first time Hill has encountered resistance from a real person he was playing in a film. “Most of the time when I play somebody, they have a violent reaction against me playing them,” he said during the Times Talk, which also included “War Dogs” co-writer and director Todd Phillips and star Miles Teller, whose real life character David Packouz was not in jail and did meet with the actor… Read more

Do you have the Nerve to watch as characters play the chilling online game?

Nerve (2)

Despite mixed review you could find this new teen movie Nerve to be an enthralling thriller, even if it does go off the rails a little. The language and visuals of social media, with the watcher counter in the corner of the screen, adds the horror element as you see it perilously creeping up throughout the movie.

Starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco, Nerve centers on Vee, played by Emma Roberts, a high school student who’s treated shoddily by her best friend Sydney (Emily Meade), and thus, in a quick moment, signs up to play Nerve. Nerve, we learn, is a social media-driven game of truth or dare, where you can either play or watch. Watching costs you 20 bucks a month, playing can earn you fame and big cash prizes. But, inevitably, the dares you have to undertake – chosen by the watchers, who search out everything they can find about you online – get gradually more and more dramatic.

Roberts thus discovers her path crossing with another player, Dave Franco’s Ian, and the pair find themselves having a quick game of tongue tennis, running around in their grundies, and riding a motorbike without the benefit of eyes. All the while, their antics are being filmed and watched, and are egged on by a social community that comes up with darier dares, and isn’t afraid to leave its comments… Read more of this Den of Geek review

Aubrey Plaza swaps the deadpan April Ludgate for comedy that is downright rude!

Mike & Dave (1)

Known for her role as the aggressively deadpan April Ludgate in Parks and Recreation, Aubrey Plaza plays a role that couldn’t be more different in her latest movie Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is loosely based on a real story of two pain-in-the-arse brothers with a history of ruining family gatherings, whose parents order them to hustle up some proper young ladies to squire to their sister’s wedding in Hawaii. They finally find them on the net – through Craigslist. The boys are played by Zac Efron and Adam Devine, the latter in his first big movie role, and there is a certain four-way charisma to the group that gives the movie its energy.

But Plaza is the pleasant surprise. Much of what we already know of her – the deadpan, the detectable inner wildness, the silent-movie-actress eyes that she has weaponised so effectively for comic purposes – is all there. But, for the first time, Plaza is burning on all cylinders: sexual, cynical, robustly crude and amoral. This movie, as she says, giggling softly, “is so rude”… Read more of the interview with John Patterson of The Guardian

Will it be the Misfits of Suicide Squad who save the world?

suicide squad (1)

If you are mega excited for the release of the long awaited Suicide Squad, you might enjoy reading this great piece in the New York Times recently…

After Batman V Superman, comes Suicide Squad, the next entry in Warner Bros.’ film series based on DC Comics characters, which makes vicious felons of its all-star cast, including Mr. Smith as a coldblooded mercenary named Deadshot, Jared Leto as the cackling archfiend, The Joker, and Ms. Robbie as his murderous partner, Harley Quinn.

The Suicide Squad are second-tier criminals manipulated by the government into forming a team. Dispensable and desperate to earn their freedom, the misfits suddenly become invaluable when they’re the only ones who can save the world from catastrophe.

“They’re isolated figures with, let’s say, negative self-image,” explained Mr. Ayer, who wrote “Training Day” and directed the brutal action dramas “Fury” and “End of Watch” from his own screenplays.

What his films have in common, he said, are people who “create families on their own terms, and then discover things like friendship, warmth and humanity.”

Mr. Ayer, who roamed the set with a Harley Quinn comic book tucked in his back pocket, said he came to appreciate these themes in “Suicide Squad” roughly two years ago, during a preliminary conversation about the project with Greg Silverman, a Warner Bros. executive… Read More

Super-Spy Jason Bourne is back!

JAson Bourne (2)

After a nine-year break during which Matt Damon was continually approached by fans and people on the street asking for another Bourne movie, Jason Bourne is back unravelling conspiracies.

Directed by Paul Greengrass, was quite clear back in 2007 that the Jason Bourne story was finished, he never expected to make another Bourne movie.

Social media had barely begun when “The Bourne Ultimatum” was released: Facebook was three years old, Twitter just one. Now, it’s a dominant feature of our lives, and Mr. Greengrass wanted to incorporate the privacy-versus-national-security debate the rise of these companies has exacerbated.

“The classic Bourne universe is one where you look at the C.I.A. with great skepticism,” Mr. Greengrass said. “But I wanted to cast that skeptical eye, Bourne’s skeptical eye, a bit broader. Because the truth is there are other barons in the world now.” Read more of this New York Times article

Tarzan is still saving Jane!


Since the very first Tarzan movie almost 100 years ago, the silent movie Tarzan of the Apes, our jungle hero has been swinging form the trees and saving the beautiful Jane.

We have more of the same in the new movie The Legend of Tarzan, the first big-budget live action Tarzan movie in some years. As one of the screen’s oldest icons, can this new movie from  Warner Bros strike a balance between lovers of vintage cinema who grew up on Tarzan and the new “iPhone generation”?

With a blend of vintage cinema from a bygone era and modern cinema’s computer generated images, Stellan Skarsgard plays a well-cast Tarzan, and not just for his impressive physique! Margot Robbie is a knockout as Jane. However, it feels as though the production team felt a bit guilty about making her a damsel in distress for most of the film and it shows in some of her scenes in captivity. That being said, Jane’s kidnapping was a necessary plot-device for this film’s story, not to mention something of a Tarzan tradition, but perhaps in the future she can get a better subplot…Read more