And the Winner Is…


The 2017 Oscars ceremony is only days away – excitement is building. As we look forward to seeing our favourite actors and actresses walk the red carpet, let’s look at some of the nominees and predictions…

While La La Land has been nominated for as many as 14 Academy Awards, their success still remains to be seen. Mike Scott, predicts La La Land to win best picture and take home another eight trophies! “At least, that’s according to my annual Academy Award predictions in all 24 categories, based on hours of viewing, months of monitoring of pre-Oscar buzz, endless popcorn munching and a bit of guidance from my trusty Magic 8-ball”, says Scott.

Check out Mike Scott’s predictions when you’re watching the 89th Academy Awards this Sunday…


The nominees: “Arrival,” “Fences,” “Hacksaw Ridge,” “Hell or High Water,” “Hidden Figures,” “La La Land,” “Lion,” “Manchester by the Sea,” “Moonlight”

What will win:La La Land.” Damien Chazelle’s musical drama has been slowly building momentum all award season, and it doesn’t appear to be losing steam any time soon.

What should win: “La La Land.” Chazelle, who first caught the Academy’s attention two years ago with his “Whiplash,” pulls off something extraordinary here, with a film that feels light and breezy but without feeling empty.

Ask the 8-ball: What about “Hidden Figures”? It’s not only won over critics, but earlier this month it became the highest-grossing of all of this year’s best picture nominees. Can it pull of the upset? Answer: “Outlook not so good.”

Read more predictions in this article and enjoy the Oscars!

Sing one song – Sing 80 songs!


As the title suggests, Sing is a full blown musical… you may not be prepared for just how full-blown it actually is!

Failed impresario Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) has a brainwave: to revive the fortunes of his ailing theatre with a singing competition; one that attracts a motley crew of animal entrants. There’s a lot going on with Buster, a koala, Rosita, a pig, and many more wonderful animals all with their own issues in their personal lives.

Sing is a musical onslaught packed with familiar pop songs and tracks from the legends of the music industry like The Beatles…. Read more

Who’ll be a winner? It’s the 2017 Oscar Nominations


In a perfect world all the nominees are worthy of a trophy… but alas that is not the case. Look at Leonardo DiCaprio – it took him more than 20 years to take home a trophy. A woman of colour hasn’t won Best Actress in 15 years, not since Halle Berry. Every year, countless worthy performances are overlooked.

Jimmy Kimmel will host the 89th Academy Awards which will air live at 8.00pm ET / 5.00pm PT on 26th February. As we wait for the big day, we can make out predictions now that the 2017 Academy Awards nominations have been announced…

War action with Hacksaw Ridge – the hit musical La La Land, alien adventure with Arrival, dram in Manchester by the Sea and many more… which are your favourites to win?


Hang on to your seat… You will not be bored watching Hackshaw Ridge


This worthy addition to the collection of WW11 movies, Hackshaw Ridge, directed by Mel Gibson, is a bloody battle, but shows that sometimes war can be humanising too.

The story hangs around the stirring achievements of a remarkable man. During the second World War, Desmond Doss, an army medic, became the first conscientious objector to win the Medal of Honour after saving scores of men during the battle of Okinawa. As the film tells it, the tenets of his Seventh Day Adventist Faith prohibited him from even touching a rifle during training.

Making good use of a militantly ingenuous Andrew Garfield in the central role, Gibson shoots the opening half of the film as an upmarket TV movie. Doss is a simple man who wants to do the right thing. He falls for a nice nurse (KStewalike Teresa Palmer) who never once questions his convictions. The initially hostile recruits in his company – who we know will come round in the heat of battle – are each defined by a single characteristic: aggressive, vain, gaunt… Read more

La La Land is worth making a song and dance about


In this much anticipated romantic musical by Damian Chazelle, the director of the amazing movie Whiplash, Emma Stone sings and dances like a pro, while Ryan Gosling’s less professional style adds to the charm of La La Land.

This is the kind of movie they just don’t make anymore; handsome boy meets not so pretty girl, they burst into song and emotions surge towards a happy, or not, ending. La La Land starts with an exuberant sequence, filmed in one take, of a traffic jam on a baked Los Angeles freeway.

Donald Clarke in The Irish Times wrote – The frayed tempers cause Mia (Emma Stone), an actor working as a barista at a studio lot, to engage in mild road rage with Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), a jazz pianist. We’ve seen the posters. So we know this meet angry will soon lead to a cuter meet and a period of close snuggling. Sebastian yearns to set up a club that will play “real jazz”. Mia writes a one-woman show as a way of forwarding her career.

Somewhere in its mildly sluggish middle, the film puts forward a dilemma about contemporary jazz music. Sebastian signs on for a tour with a fusion band called The Messengers (their slick sound could hardly sound less like Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers if they played only kazoos) headed by charming, suave Keith (John Legend). Keith suggests that jazz will wither if it fails to bend to the times. Sebastian remains a purist. The film allows both arguments some oxygen. The Messengers aren’t what Sebastian wants, but they still make an attractive noise… read more

Vin Diesel is back as Xander Cage


After years of teasing and speculation Vin Diesel is back as extreme-sports enthusiast turned super-spy in xXx: Return of Xander Cage. You’ll see why they’re call ‘extreme’ sports when you watch Xander Cage skiing through dense jungle, jumping off a massive radio tower onto the jungle floor to go careening through, over and around thick undergrowth.

In another scene Diesel and co-star Donnie Yen (Rogue One: A Star Wars StoryIp Man) engage in a wild race through the jungle on motorcycles that culminates in the pair launching themselves off a cliff and engaging ski-like platforms on the undersides of the bikes before landing in a nearby body of water… Read more and see great video clips in this Digital Trends article

Body-Splattering Business as Usual in the Underworld


Fashionista Vampire, Kate Beckinsale leads a war against the Lycans in Underworld Blood Wars, the fifth instalment of the ‘Underworld’ series.

For half an hour or so, “Blood Wars” makes a token stab at actual theatrical drama in order to set up the ballistic body-splattering that is its real reason for being. At the Council of the Eastern Coven, the last stronghold of Vampire power in the war with the shape-shifting Lycans, who look like Ray Harryhausen creatures (and are now on the verge of winning the war), Dance’s Thomas shows up to help his fellow bloodsuckers mount a campaign to save their species. He knows there’s only one hope: They must summon Selene, Kate Beckinsale, the pure-blood heroine with the silver-grey alien eyes and the wet-look ’90s salon hair, to lead the rebellion… Read more from Variety Magazine